There is an Erwin Pearl. . Born in Vienna, Austria, Erwin Pearl came to the United States as a young boy.  He soon became a leading designer of fine jewelry, even winning the prestigious Diamond International Award for five consecutive years. However, the challenge of designing pieces accessible to a wider audience led him into fashion jewelry.

The entire process of creating Erwin Pearl jewelry begins at one of several factories.   The Armbrust and Kunzman chain divisions have been producing quality fashion pieces for over fifty years, making Erwin Pearl the only major jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler which retains its own chain factory, allowing for the best possible control over quality and production.

With more than six hundred and fifty chain machines (the largest chain capacity in the world),  Erwin Pearl also produces sterling silver and gold filled lines,which are marketed worldwide.

Our design and tooling capabilities produce unique and exclusive styling unequaled anywhere in the world.

At this Rhode Island factory, the machinery is a combination of the most advanced technology and old world craftsmanship.  Shown at the left is a section of an automatic chain machine.  After the pieces have been created, they are individually checked by
hand for flexibility and drape.

Twenty minutes away from Kunzman is Fernando Originals, another mainstay of the Erwin Pearl production process.  There, pieces such as pins and earrings are created from the inception of design to the shipping of the finished product.  At Fernando, the jewelry goes through a chain of processing which includes model making, moldmaking (1), rubber mold casting (2), vibratory finishing, electroplating, hand polishing (3), enameling, and stone setting.  All pieces are inspected for quality and workmanship at each stage of the manufacturing process.  As a result, Erwin Pearl's Fernando factory has earned a reputation on the world market as a manufacturer of fashion jewelry, marked by style creativity, and outstanding quality.